Quotes on Learning

“The person who grabs a cat by the tail learns about 44 percent faster than those just watching.” (Mark Twain) quote from School Transformation.

“I don’t blame teachers and administrators for school shortcomings. They were trained for their roles and are given little wiggle room. They work diligently and creatively to make the current system effective. They would change the system if they had the authority, time, and encouragement to do so.” From School Transformation

Winston Churchill is thought to have said,  I love learning. But I don’t always like being taught.

I have never let schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain.

Boy says to friend, “I taught my dog to talk.” Friend, “Come on! Dogs can’t talk. Show me.” Boy, “I said I taught him. I didn’t say he learned it.”

People today do not even know what children are actually like. They only know what children are like in schools. (Carol Black)

The brain is made for learning. It doesn’t need to be taught how to learn, just as the stomach doesn’t need to be taught how to extract nutrients from food. (Leslie Hart)

The president of the dog food company said to salespeople at their annual meeting, “We have best dog food factory in the world. “The sales staff said, “yea.” The president said, “We have the best dog food anywhere.” The sales staff said, “yea.” The president said, “If we have the best factory and we have the best sales staff, then “Why isn’t our dog food selling?” There was silence in the room. Finally, an old blind man sitting in the last row said, “Because dogs hate the stuff.” (Gary Phillips in a metaphor about teaching)


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